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Our single-day outings allow everyone to access a wide range of recreation activities all year round. We have activities for all levels of adventure seekers regardless of their skill levels or abilities. Our outings include guides (or instructors) who will be there for you throughout the whole experience to ensure you have the skills and understanding to confidently approach the adventure. Also, most of our outings provide transportation with multiple pick-up sites, making these opportunities seamless and accessible.

Single day adventures include virtually every activity that you can imagine, from adrenaline-filled activities like skiing and snowboarding in Oregon’s snow-swept mountains, whitewater rafting, and skydiving to more mellow activities such as hiking in lush coastal forests or soaking in the therapeutic waters of natural hot springs. Our wide range of activities gives endless opportunities for community members to access the natural world in entirely new ways. Join us on one of our upcoming adventures and see the immense fun you can have outdoors.


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