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What We Do

Our programming happens across the health, stewardship, and recreation sectors. All our programming strives to have four crucial elements: community, stewardship, health, and fun. We recognize that building our connection to the natural environment happens best when layered within cultural understanding and adventure. Also, a greater sense of stewardship towards the land can often emerge from having incredible experiences in natural spaces. Our founding mission continues to come to fruition by bringing thousands of community members to outdoor recreation and stewardship opportunities every year.

Vive NW also delivers various stewardship opportunities, from tree plantings to beach clean-ups and everything in between. Our various ecological restoration events often involve engaged community partners, who add new layers and deliver different perspectives to our programming. We also engage with environmental issues by creating various outreach and educational materials to raise awareness on climate change, wildfires, biodiversity loss, and recycling. We aim to provide our communities with hands-on experiences and accessible information to build a greater connection with the natural world and help protect and restore our ecosystems.

We strongly believe that spending time outside has immense mental and physical health benefits. The connection between health and nature is multifaceted, from the physical benefits of exercising to the various mental and emotional health benefits resulting from nature’s calming effect on the mind. Also, engaging in activities outside allows people to open up and build deeper connections in their community. We engage in various programs across the health sector, from videos on wildfire smoke and heatwaves to language interpretation for health agencies. We have numerous partners from local, county, state and federal government agencies with whom we work to deliver a wide range of PSAs to the communities we serve.

Our team works hard to minimize (and remove) the barriers that inhibit the Latino/a and BIPOC communities from accessing the outdoors, harnessing stewardship opportunities, and obtaining information to protect their health. We will continue working to continuously innovate our programming to help better meet the needs of the communities we serve.

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