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Adventures & Tourism

Vive Adventures provides welcoming and inclusive outings for all community members. This program brings hundreds of Latinx and BIPOC community members to various recreation opportunities each month. These outings integrate restoration and education components seamlessly, allowing us to deliver an enriching, fun event for participants. The activities include hiking, snowboarding, and rafting to skydiving. All events are offered bilingually in Spanish and English and blend in culturally relevant curricula for Latinx and BIPOC communities. These features are essential because many outdoor recreation opportunities only deliver lessons in English; when we provide important safety or ecology lessons in Spanish, we can help eliminate significant language barriers. We bring thousands of Latinx and BIPOC communities into the great outdoors each year, and for many, it is their first time recreating on public lands.

At Vive NW, we believe diverse tourism is foundational for building cultural bridges and encouraging thriving communities. We are passionate about supporting the tourism industry because travel is the best way to strengthen community connections. We strive to produce creative materials that encourage diversity in travel, enriching the lives of both tourists and the communities they visit.

Interpreting Services

Our mission for this program is to assist organizations by removing barriers to vital health information through our robust and professional interpreting services. We believe that obstacles to healthcare, including limited knowledge or misunderstanding, inhibit the ability of non-English speaking communities to receive equal access to needed health services. We support organizations by ensuring their services are universally accessible, understandable, and obtainable for Oregonians regardless of their English-speaking capabilities.

Vive Northwest was selected as one of only 15 agencies authorized to provide interpreting services for the State of Oregon. Also, we have worked with businesses and community-based organizations to deliver interpreting and creative materials in various languages with high accuracy, efficiency, and bicultural understanding. We have built a reputation for providing dependable and high-quality interpreting services.

Our agency’s long track record of working with healthcare providers means we have developed a rich understanding of the cultural nuances and specifics when delivering sensitive and targeted health information. Through our renewed contract with ODHS and OHA, we will provide the highest quality language services across the various needs of departments within each organization. Schedule your interpreter with Vive NW and secure excellent language services today.

Creative Agency

At Vive NW, our team of seasoned experts thoroughly understands the communities we serve. We work closely with our partners to create culturally sensitive, inclusive, and impactful messaging. We dedicate significant time to researching and preparing all our public-facing materials to ensure they profoundly impact our audience. Our strategy involves producing culturally and linguistically appropriate outreach materials, such as video content, to help community partners and government agencies reach new and underserved audiences. Partner with Vive NW to reach a new audience in a way that aligns with your organization and the communities we serve.

Conservation and Stewardship

Since our founding in 2016, we have worked with various partner organizations and community members to help protect our local ecosystems through hands-on and engaging conservation efforts, including tree planting, preventing wildfires, clean-ups, and much more. Additionally, we build a connection and stewardship towards the natural world through recreation and education. These two approaches serve different functions, with education building the essential knowledge needed to understand the importance of ecosystems and caring for the land. Through our monthly outings, we build a sense of community and demonstrate enjoying and giving back to the natural world.

Our work has done much to protect and care for the local ecosystems, but we hope to do more within our Conservation program. A pivotal part of this program is environmental news on social media and in our newsletter. We hope you join us as we increase our education and hands-on efforts to tackle the many ecological crises before us. Together we can protect the planet while we grow and strengthen our communities.

Health & Nature

We deliver a wide range of programming in the health sector under our Vive Saludable program. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we were helping state agencies provide information on safety and vaccinations in over 27 languages. We achieved this by connecting a network of over 120 interpreters to vaccination clinics across the state. Also, we developed a wide range of outreach materials for OHA in various languages. Also, with OHA and various other partners, we have continued to deliver vital health information on topics like Monkey Pox, STDs, and wildfire smoke. This program has also produced various research programs in partnership with local universities.

BIPOC Business Development

BIPOC small businesses provide a crucial source of growth and prosperity throughout the communities we serve. We aim to provide various opportunities to support small (locally owned) BIPOC businesses through our BIPOC Business Development programming. We partner with various restaurants to introduce our participants to new and diverse cuisines across our service area. Additionally, we work closely with BIPOC owned outdoor and recreation businesses to support their growth and development in a historically challenging sector. We are here to support our business minded community members grow and thrive with us. As we introduce members of our communities to tourism opportunities

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