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Our Story

I was floating on the Oregon Coast, waiting for a wave to surf when it hit me. At that moment, I envisioned an organization that would connect communities to the outdoors, improve health disparities by increasing time spent in nature, create stewardship opportunities that would resonate with Latino/a and BIPOC communities, and bring others the same joy and love for the beautiful outdoors as I had found

Many years after our founding, Vive NW has blossomed into an organization that supports the Latino/a and BIPOC communities across the state in more ways than I could have imagined. We have grown from a staff of one to having many talented and committed staff members working toward the same mission. Our success has been possible due to the support and trust provided by the hundreds of organizations and community leaders we work with across multiple states. Our partners have played a crucial role in supporting our efforts to promote and facilitate equal access to nature, healthcare, inclusive tourism, and environmental conservation efforts.

We have provided crucial healthcare services since the start of the pandemic, becoming a go-to resource for Spanish-speaking communities for a wide range of health resources and information. Our outreach efforts and educational campaigns have been facilitated by our incredible creative team ,who help spearhead our wide range of video, visual and audio content. Additionally, through our outings and stewardship programming, we have connected thousands of community members to the wonders of the PNW’s mountains, rivers, sweeping landscapes, and trails. It has been an exciting and rewarding journey — and Vive NW is just getting started.

We’re proud of how much we’ve grown, the work we’ve done over the years to support our communities, and the new programming, projects and partnerships to come. Vive NW plans to continue expanding and working towards a more equitable, sustainable, and inclusive future.”

- Jorge Guzman


Our core mission is to diversify outdoor participation through empowering, educating, and inspiring BIPOC and Latinx community members to embrace healthier and active lifestyles.


Our organization is working to achieve a future where there are few, if any, structural barriers to accessing public lands, healthcare, and outdoor employment opportunities. We imagine a future where the communities we serve can recreate safely, and where shared natural spaces are truely for all to enjoy. When all communities feel safe and comfortable enjoying public lands, their connection and love of the natural environment will be reborn. Our vision is one of equity, stewardship, and collective health for all communities, regardless of who they are.

Our Approach

Our relationship with the community is built on our outings, health programming, and culturally relevant community events. Our outings are the cornerstone of our relationship with the community, allowing us to connect with thousands each year. Vive NW’s work centers on removing barriers, facilitating education, and building community. Our adventures and health programming allow Spanish-speaking and BIPOC community members to feel a sense of ownership, comfortability, and enrichment towards nature and healthcare.

They also serve as a conduit for people to come together, where they strengthen their relationship with our team and the broader community. Finally, we have a commitment to regularly seek feedback from our community to refine and calibrate our programming.

DEI Commitment

Our staff brings lived experience to the knowledge, bias, and cultural relevancy barriers that limit access to nature and healthcare in the U.S.; therefore, we are well-positioned to continue addressing it. Our team is deeply passionate about advancing the well-being of the Latinx, migrants, refugees, and the rest of the BIPOC community. Almost all of our staff is Latinx, including eight staff born outside of the U.S., and we have two staff members in the LBGTQIA+ community.

Our team holds diverse backgrounds and life experiences that inform our community work. Therefore, we are well-positioned to understand and address the needs of BIPOC and Spanish-speaking communities. We will always integrate our lived understanding of the structural barriers that inhibit fair and equitable access to natural spaces, healthcare, and job opportunities.

Our Values

  1. Diversity: Vive NW was founded on the principle that all public lands and natural spaces should be welcoming and inclusive. We have continued to advance this goal while increasing diversity within the recreation and stewardship community. Our work has since expanded to include increasing healthcare accessibility for all communities.
  2. Inclusion: Our programming is built to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible. We actively seek feedback from participants to improve and grow as an organization and community. Our unique approach to our work ensures that all feel respected, recognized, and understood.
  3. Stewardship: Our community is the inspiration and fuel for our work. Vive NW always considers community members' growth, success, and well-being throughout our programming. We grow with and for our community.
  4. Adventure: Adventure serves as the backbone of the way we connect the community with the natural world. When participants feel their blood pumping during a rafting trip or the tranquility of a late spring hike, they can begin to understand how we are part of the natural world. The natural world gives so much back to us in the form of health benefits, inspiration, and awe. By seeking adventures in the natural world, we can recognize and cherish its wonders.

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